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How to Select a Good Woman’s Handbag

By   08/26/2015

So many women are fascinated with designer and trendy handbags that they forget there are so many factors to consider when choosing a good handbag than just purchasing the latest in fashion. Remember, however, that anything you put on should have some coordination and balance than just being in step with the hottest trend in the world of fashion. Here are a few tips on how to select a good handbag that coheres with your style and that brings out the best of you:Handbags 02

1. Choose the Right Size of Handbag

Knowing the right size of handbag suitable for your body size is the foremost thing to consider before beginning to shop for one. However stylish and elegant a bag is, it will look very unfashionable if it does not set off with your figure. If you have a petite figure, it is best to consider purchasing small handbags. If you are tall and slim, then the small handbags are not for you; you can use medium size, large or bulky handbags.

However, the handbag shouldn’t be too small that it will be hard to fit a tube of lipstick and a credit card. Before buying the handbag, slip your essentials into the bag and see if you can easily close it.

2.Pick Out a Suitable Shape of The Handbag

Carrying a handbag that reflects your body shape is the best way to project your sense of style. A handbag that is according to your body shape enhances your overall look.

3. Choose a Color that Complements Most of Your Outfit

Handbags 03For ultimate glamor and elegance, match up the color of your handbag to your outfit and shoes. You may also buy a handbag with subdued colors so that it can go along with most of your attire. Black is a neutral color, and you can never go wrong in matching it up. Brown and black are equally advisable as they also get along with most outfits. A bag in neutral metallic material such as silver, gold or pewter adds a subtle spark to your outlook and is appropriate in most occasions.

4. Choose a Handbag in Respect to the Occasion

Before purchasing a handbag, it is proper to know what its purpose is. Each place, occasion, and time calls for a different style and design of handbag. Ensure you choose a handbag that conforms to the mood of every occasion. However, there are all-purpose handbags that are appropriate for all occasions. You may opt for this if you want to save on budget.…