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The recommended product for wrinkles treatment

By   12/10/2015

There are many products that can be used to defy aging and such may include Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and many other generic brands that are at large in the skin-care product market. These medications help to reduce skin wrinkling and get rid of some fine lines that may appear on the face. Consumers may have their personal views on some of the recommended product for wrinkles, but dermatologists’ advice is that you should always have some time for moving your muscles in order to minimize the wrinkling. By adding physical exercise to the use of these anti-wrinkling gels best results can be achieved within a limited time span.


Botox is far more effective in dealing with wrinkles than any known anti-aging serums out there. If you are 5h4gtconsidering settling for Botox use, then you shouldn’t be on any medication as this may interfere with the normal functioning of this medication. This also applies to any supplement use because the combined effects of Botox, pills and supplements can lead to thinning of your blood and, in general, can pose some serious health concerns. Just like it is for any other medication, consulting a medical professional before using Botox is very important. This is important as you will get a chance to discuss which Botox dosage amount will be suitable for you depending on the extent of the skin wrinkling and also how best the given dosage can be taken.

Prepare Yourself

Before embarking on Botox treatment, it is highly recommended that breastfeeding mothers should seek some medical advice. This is because this anti-wrinkling gel may come with some side effects that may include headaches, bruises on already injured parts and in some instances some people may develop drooping eyelids that would then return to their original positions after a few months.

How it works?

654t3Botox is taken through injection, a procedure that may seem to very simple but requires some professional training to be effectively done. The injections will also vary depending on factors like the extent to which the wrinkles are present on the skin as well as one’s facial features. This, therefore, requires making some medical consultations to ensure that the procedure is done as usually required. The effects of Botox injections can vary but in most instances will last up to three to six months. When the muscle action is regained, the wrinkles may reappear. It implies that Botox treatment is something that should be regularly done and with time the results will get to be somehow long-lasting solutions depending on how one may respond to the given treatment.…