By   09/07/2015

Every dressing code requires effective matching. From the clothes you wear to the shoes on your feet, there must be no mismatch. Traditionally, men have been considered to have little or no concern for this aspect but times have changed. The modern man keeps abreast with the latest trends in men’s shoes and hence knows what and when to wear. Here are some of the trending shoes for men in 2015.

Dressy ShoesShoes 07

This is an all round shoe design. It can simply pass for a casual occasion and as well fit for a business or office function. Dressy shoes are easily matched with both office, and casual wear and hence can be worn with a suit or jeans.

Both loafers and laced shoes in this design normally have a square toe in place of the wingtips. They are designed to take a square shape other than being round and narrow. The soles of this shoe do not have the heel and toe separated. In case, there is a heel it is wedge shaped. A rubber sole for this shoe is more comfortable when compared to the wooden sole.

Casual Footwear

Shoes 09The trending casual shoes are in a wide variety. They range from ankle boots to loafers and available in varying designs. A slip on loafer wit elastic band either on the sides or front is among the trending pieces. Most of these designs come with rubber soles with wedge heels. A number of the designs may also come with thin laces.

Bowling shoes are also trending and embraced as part of casual wear. In a trend that is bi-sexual, they come in varying designs that include being two-toned, in a single color or stitching along the sides and front. Another major feature of this shoe is the thick laces and the plastic rings around the lace holes.

Sporty Shoes

Sporty shoes have been trending for decades; manufacturers have consistently brought new designs toShoes 08 match the changing times and tastes. Sporty shoes are easily matched with jeans and chino and are ideal for sporting activities or when taking a hike.


The latest trends in men’s shoes are created to go with changing times. It is important however to ensure that when making a choice for the shoes to consider the color design and the intended purpose of the shoe. It is your wardrobe that should determine the choices that you pick to ensure that you fit in style and class and more so reflect your taste.

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